Monday, 18 April 2011

Get Phreaked!

Some lovely stuff we have been working on recently at Studio Nancy Tilbury......

Fashion Phreaking is new form of objectifying and contextualizing ‘Smart Clothing and Intelligent Cloth’. To be smart you are knowledgeable, intelligent, sharp, gifted and able. Most ‘Smart Fashion’ is currently awkward, unwieldy, burdensome, weighty, clumsy and self-conscious, where sportswear is surging ahead. Fashion Phreaking gives fast fashion and accessories a new meaning by slowing fashion down. When Phreaking, Studio Nancy Tilbury side-grade apparel systems by making clothing more valuable and sustainable by integrating playful technologies. We apply conductive textile networks and soft switching into denim garments, a technique known as denim disruption, here we reform denim into digital skins designed to give fabrics and jewelry extending body communication to the viewer and wearer. 
Studio Nancy Tilbury is a design laboratory based in London, UK. Our focus is digital and physical intimacy and the relationship to the body in the 21st Century. We specialize in the fashioning of technologies and hybridizing fashion design with science. We probe, provocate, strategize, innovate, invent, build, direct, navigate, co-create, interrogate, initiate, MAKE. Our clients and research partners include Philips Design, Wellcome Trust, Kingston University London, V2, R-Research Random Dance, EMI, Smart Fabrics | Intelligent Textiles Annual Conference.
Fashion Phreaking Live is a pop-up workshop event where we teach you how to interact, integrate and manage smart fabrications and soft technologies within businesses and education. We also produce specialist guerilla fashion events for public engagement using soft technologies to interrupt everyday wardrobes.
For more information on how to collaborate with Studio Nancy Tilbury or to organise a Fashion Phreaking Live event please

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